Saturday 25 September 2010

Mini rejects the idea of British design studio (UK)

Mini executive, Gert Hildebrand has rejected the idea of opening a design studio in the UK. Hilderbrand said a UK Mini design studio "wouldn't happen" as it would be too far away from Mini's engineering team.

BMW built a Mini design studio in 2001 at its Munich headquarters, close to their engineering department. Many have asked Mini to expand its design team into Britain to help offer a more traditional perspective on Mini design, but Hilderbrand - a fan of classic Minis and British culture in general – has dashed hopes of such a facility being created.

"We won’t move away from Munich as we need to be close to engineering," he said, "and there's no engineering capability in England. I love England but it's not going to happen."

Van Hooydonk also dismissed suggestions that the scooters could be a Mini too far. "I had an original Mini and know what the brand is about," he said. "This is not what Mini has done before but it is still a Mini for the urban environment. It's fun and emotional."

Via Autocar

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