Wednesday 1 September 2010

Ferrari to contact all 458 Italia owners

A few days ago, Ferrari was looking into a problem that caused the 458 Italia to catch fire. Now, Ferrari will be calling back every single 458 Italia, following videos, photos and reports of cars randomly catching fire. Most 458 Italia fires have happened in Mainland Europe. In the U.S, Ferrari dealers will be telephoning customers personally.

According to Ferrari, an adhesive used in the wheel-arch can overheat and allow the rear wheel heat shields to move around. In extreme cases, the glue can smoke and even catch fire. Five initial units of the car have caught fire, although none have been UK cars.

Due to this, Ferrari will be inviting 1,200 international owners of the 458 Italia to have new heat-shields attached.

A member of the fan site, Superquant said: "My dealer just informed me that as of 1 minute ago he learned that Ferrari has issued a recall on ALL 458 due to the fire situation. Ferrari has determined the cause of the 458's that have caught on fire was from an adhesive that attached the heat shield under the rear fenders. The heat shields were attached with an adhesive and became flammable under high temps. The new shield will be attached to rivets, not any type of adhesive. Every 458 produced will get this new part so call your dealer now and set up your appointment which of course is free of charge. Ferrari is not taking any chances and will replace this part on every 458 Italia produced to date."

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