Tuesday 15 July 2008

Baby Porsche feels the heat

Updated: 07/08/08

Although Porsche executives are denying that a small Porsche SUV is under development, these latest spy photos say otherwise.

Referred to as the "Roxster", the new small SUV will rival other small premium 4x4's like the Mercedes GLK, Audi Q5, BMW X3, Land Rover Freelander/LR2 and so on.

The mule in the spy photos has been caught undergoing hot weather and altitude testing in Southern Spain. Its likely Porsche engineers will stay there for the next couple of months to do some more testing.

Likely to be based upon the Audi Q5 platform, the newcomer is penned for a 2010 launch and since it maybe based on the Q5, that could mean a diesel engine in the pipeline and a possible petrol hybrid for the future.

The next generation Porsche Cayenne is due in 2010, but the next generation Volkswagen Touareg will be launched first.

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