Wednesday 9 July 2008

No Volkswagen Robust pick-up for Europe (EU)

Due to be launched next year, Volkswagen all-new Robust pick-up truck won't be available in Europe since fuel prices at the pumps are at an all-time high and CO2 limitations by the EU, however, a handful may still come to Europe in selected markets. Instead, sales will go ahead in North America, Argentina, Brazil and South Africa. No word if Australia or any country in Asia are going to receive it.

The newcomer is currently undergoing rigorous brake and engine testing in the Austrian Alps. Production was expected at the Hannover plant in Germany, but this news means production will be done solely at the Volkswagen facility in Argentina. The plant is expected to produce 90,000 units just for the South American market alone.

The Robust would have rivalled the popular Mitsubishi L200/Triton, Nissan Navara and Toyota Hi-Lux.

The Robust is due to be released as a 2010 model, we should see its unveiling at one of the major American motorshows early in 2009.

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