Friday 18 July 2008

Kia Cee'd proves popular in Romania (RO)

The Kia Cee'd isn't only popular in Czech Republic and Finland. In Romania, the car accounts for 90% of total KIA sales. Its outsold every single c-segment car in the country when it was launched last year. Soon after, the car won Car Of The Year title in the country.

Since the car's launch in April 2007, around 2,350 units of the small family car were sold in 2007. In the first five months of 2008, Kia had sold over 3,000 units of the Cee'd, therefore the car represented nearly 90% of the brand's sales in the country for that time period. In comparison to the first five months of 2007, sales have jumped over 50%.

Thanks to the Cee'd's strong sales, Kia has also slotted into the top ten carmakers list in Romania for the first time since the brand's launch.

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