Wednesday 30 July 2008

Lamborghini Gallardo smashed up (UK)

A supercar destroyed in a country lane crash may have been driven by a man who hired it for a weekend wedding reception. The white Lamborghini convertible was badly damaged when it hit a tree in Shropshire on Sunday 27th July.

Escaping serious injury, the idiot was picked up by another car and abandoned his luxury vehicle, according to police.

He was one of a group of men who told drinkers in a nearby pub, The Cider House in Wootton, near Bridgnorth, Shropshire, that they had been to a wedding reception and had hired three Lamborghinis and a Bentley for the weekend. A man who saw the group commented: "I was down the pub having a quiet drink with a few friends when three Lamborghinis and a Bentley raced up the quiet country lane and onto the car park."

The driver of the white Lamborghini sat in the car park "for a while, just revving it until it was hitting the limiter", he said. Two hours later, he was looking at the crumpled bodywork of the crashed Lamborghini, which people had stripped of its badges, centre caps and gear stick knob, said the onlooker.

A spokeswoman for West Mercia Police said: "The driver was seemingly not seriously injured as he was picked up by another vehicle and his car was abandoned. "Inquiries are under way to identify the driver and we are appealing for any information which might assist."

She could not comment on whether the crashed car was rented or not. Brian Jarvis, the licensee of The Cider House, said that the pub was co-operating fully with the police and had made their CCTV available to officers.

He said he could not confirm whether the group had visited the pub on Sunday as it had been "packed".

Another day, another moron damaging an expensive car...


Anonymous said...

omg wot an idiot who ever did tht whants shooting its like my dream car btw im called josh lord from padiham and am at nathens house just thought id share my feelings about the idiot tht were driving tht car

Laguna said...

Lol, ok
Indeed. I'm a fan of the Gallardo and the person who did this needs a proper smack.

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