Wednesday 8 October 2008

2009 Ferrari California sold out

Ferrari has said that the new California coupe-roadster has sold out until 2011, despite Maranello’s pledge to build more than 2,000 units of the new model a year.

The news confirms that the top of the car market is yet to suffer from the sales slump that is hitting volume brands on both sides of the Atlantic. According to Ferrari’s president, Luca di Montezemolo, anyone buying a California will wait until 2011 to take delivery.

The 4.3 litre V8-engined California, which features a metal folding roof, is designed to appeal to a wider audience than the ‘purer’ Ferrari’s currently on offer.

It is priced at a similar level to the F430, but is intended to be more usable than the hard-edged sportscar. The California is available as either a two seater or a 2+2. Both versions are claimed to be capable of hitting 192mph.
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