Sunday 12 October 2008

Bond flogs damaged DBS to a collector

The Aston Martin DBS that crashed into Lake Garda while on the way to the film set of the new Bond film Quantum of Solace has been sold, according to the film’s star Daniel Craig.

The brand new DBS was completely destroyed in the accident, but that hasn’t stopped one James Bond fan from paying £200,000 for the infamous piece of Bond memorabilia. The new owner hasn’t yet been identified, but 007 did reveal that he is a collector.

The £134,000 Aston was being delivered to the set in the early hours of the morning when the driver, an Aston Martin engineer, lost control on the damp roads near Torbole. The driver escaped from the crash with only minor injuries, but was knocked unconscious and sank 150ft to the bottom of the lake before freeing himself and swimming to the surface.

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