Monday 27 October 2008

Crunch time for journalist's BMW 1 Series (AU)

It's never a pretty sight to see a new car being smashed and even though the media would most likely have had a blast if a journalist was to blame for the mishap, fortunately for Samantha Stevens of Australia's Wheels magazine, she had no way of avoiding this accident that led to the complete destruction of her BMW 135i Coupe. Long story short, Samantha parked the Bavarian coupe that costs around AUD $80,000 on a side street in Sydney under a warehouse block adjacent to her home. The same afternoon, strong winds with speed of up to 70-knots brought the warehouse's roof tumbling down showering the BMW as well as four more cars that were parked nearby with tons of iron and bricks.

On the bright side, the BMW not only proved that its rigid body structure can withstand the impact of several tons of falling rubble on its rooftop without completely collapsing but also that it can be driven away just about.

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