Tuesday 21 October 2008

Police chief sack due to ordering £45,000 Dacia's (RO)

Romania’s chief of police has been fired ordering what the country’s government claims were grossly overpriced Logan patrol cars.

Chief Gheorghe Popa signed a €22.7 million (£17.7 million) order for 392 cars, valuing them at €58,000 (£45,000) each. An entry-level version of the Logan costs €6400 (£4950) in Romania – Popa claimed the difference in price was for extras including GPS and a video system.

Romania’s interior minister cancelled the deal, saying it was a gross misuse of public money. He has also reported Popa to the country’s anti-corruption unit. Popa defended himself by claiming that he took the contract on at a late stage, and that “there would have been financial consequences if I hadn’t signed it.”

The European Union has already accused Romania of suffering from endemic corruption.

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Anonymous said...

IMO, Romania shouldn't have even entered the EU just yet. I saw a documentry couple of weeks ago showing the state of the unwanted kids in the country. Turkey is even worse, disabled children aren't even allowed in society and they want to enter the EU? WTF?

Anywho, it serves the police cheif right!

With love from Austria


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