Thursday 2 October 2008

Ford Fiesta tango event (UK)

The all-new Ford Fiesta goes on sale this week in the UK. To kick off sales, a launch party was held in London. The star studded launch included Jodie Kidd, Ian Waite, Andrew Castle, Mark Ramprakash, Suzanne Shaw and Liz McClarnon.

Despite the rain, the evening kicked off with sounds of a 20 piece orchestra and the two stunt Fiestas started their Tango. Building up slowly the cars followed each other around the Tower concourse in time to the music. Half way through Mark Ramprakash and Kylie Jones took to the floor amongst huge applause and performed a sexy sultry tango, without slipping on the wet cobbles once!

The cars then performed again, really revving things up and increasing the pace of the Tango with nose to nose dancing, furious spins and gasps from the crowd. After Mark and Kylies encore performance, Tango troupes from around London took to the floor amidst a fireworks grand finale.

Afterwards celebrity DJ Mat Horne ensured the VIP was buzzing, playing club classics late into the night meaning that the celebrities kept their cars waiting as they danced the night away!

The U.S will have to wait until late 2009 to get their hands on the new supermini.

Special thanks to Neil for the tip!

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