Tuesday 21 October 2008

New Car: 2009 Honda Civic facelift

Honda is cutting back on production in Swindon thanks to slow economic slowdown. When the Civic arrived in 2005, it was an instant success, especially in Germany were the waiting list was in excess of 12 months.

The facelift Civic was quietly showed in last months Paris autoshow. At the front, the Civic loses its glass nose, in favour for a radiator grille with the Honda emblem in between. At the rear, subtle styling changes occur around the lower section of the bumper and tail-lights.


Anonymous said...

The design is almost the same as the old one. No drastic change whatsoever. But I still dig it!

Laguna said...

Well, it is a subtle facelift. Anything to drastic could affect sales, especially in Germany

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