Friday 20 April 2012

Video: Banned Dutch advertisement of new Hyundai i30 hatchback

Automakers marketing departments use many kinds of tactics and gimmicks to lure customer's with their hard earned money, but we don't remember hypnosis being one, until now!

Hyundai's Netherlands division employed a British hypnotist to get three female customer's to fall in love with the new i30 hatchback, both emotionally and physically.

Called the “Online Hypnosis Experiment”, the commercial has been banned from television.

HyundaiNL video description reads: “Professional hypnotist Peter Powers will let you experience a unique online hypnosis experiment. An experiment that would be extremely illegal to broadcast on TV. None of the participants in this trailer are actors and the hypnosis is 100% real.”

After watching the video, viewers can try the experiment on themselves on a dedicated Dutch website at that is available in English, but only after they read and agree to the disclaimer.

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