Wednesday 11 April 2012

Video: Suzuki customer goes on rampage in Nissan dealership

Last weekend, a Suzuki customer went on a rampage in a Nissan dealership by the Dmitrovsky highway in Moscow, Russia. Because the footage was filmed on a CCTV camera, it made national news.

The middle-aged man was apparently picking up his Grand Vitara after having it repaired but didn't like the fact that staff kept him waiting around for three hours.

So disgruntled was he, the customer eventually jumped into his SUV, locking the car internally and rammed through the display glass, following numerous attempts, and gaining entrance into the showroom. After startling showroom staff, he was hell-bent on destroying the display cars, ramming the Qashqai, X-Trail, and Patrol.

After battering his car to near death, staff tried negotiating with the driver, asking him to stop. Finally, he came to a stop – because the Grand Vitara died on him – and security guards smashed the driver's side window, pulled him out and restrained him.

Eye witnesses say the man started screaming that he was a doctor, he had problems (evidently!), and was a father of two small children.

The man was put under house arrest.

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