Tuesday 24 April 2012

Video: Take that; Lada driver rams Chevrolet Aveo to get own back

We've all come across someone who has double-parked their car, whether it's outside of the school gates, at the local shops, or the entrance to your driveway. Because of poor road etiquette, the recipient embarks on a journey of road rage.

Cue this Lada driver in Russia who finds his historical car boxed in by a Chevrolet Aveo sedan in a residential parking area. Although the Lada can squeeze through the gap between the Aveo and Toyota RAV4, the driver calls out for the owner with no luck and starts shaking the car, setting off the alarm.

Giving up the the previous attempts, the man rams his Lada into the Aveo in frustration, only causing a minute amount of damage to the other car.

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