Monday 3 September 2007

Burnt up Audi R8

Audi engineers were testing the R8 despite being released in many markets but the test drive didn't last long. The R8 supercar caught fire. Why? Well, theres alot of claims like some of the petrol managed to get in contact with the very hot exhaust pipes which led to this fire, when re-fuelling the petrol tends to spray all over the place, oil leakage or there is a problem with the gearbox. With this claim we have a quote from an R8 owner and Audi:

"It has been a simple software update for the gear box hydraulic system and this should eliminate the problem"

Audi R8 owners advice is "be carefully before you re-fuel". More incidents can be read below:

Earlier on this year a similar this happened with a RS8 prototype which was lapping around the Nurburgring racetrack undergoing high speed testing. The whole car was burned up but thankfully the test engineer was fine. Also this year a family in Belgium bought a new Audi Q7. Whilst travelling down the motorway in France the whole SUV flipped on to its nose and roll over several times. Its believed the airbags didn't even inflate. The SUV was stopped by a barrier but if the barrier wasn't there the SUV could have fallen down the cliff edge. No-one was hurt. According to Audi, the front passengers side alloy wheel was deformed and caused this accident.

Last winter during cold weather testing in Germany, 2 Audi engineers died on the site after their TT prototype crashed into the back of a truck.

Apparently, Audi is investigating these series of accidents and calling back some models but don't let this put you off buying or being a fan of Audi.

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