Friday 21 September 2007

Mercedes CLC; Clearest spy photos yet

One of our spy photographers caught the upcoming, all-new and almost undisguised Mercedes-Benz CLC out in the open in Southern Germany undergoing some road testing. The current model underwent a facelift in 2004 and is rapidly approaching its end of shelf life.

The Mercedes C-Class Sport Coupe almost got axed but thanks to new Daimler boss Zetsche the sport coupé has been revived and will be making it to the Mercedes-Benz range in 2008. The styling is completely new but the underpinnings are based on the current C-Class platform, just as it was in the previous generation too. The C-Sport Coupé will have to compete against some strong and established rivals, namely the BMW 1 Series Coupe and the Audi A3 amongst others.

Don't be fooled by the large rear lights either. As with the Mercedes C-Class wagon, Mercedes used fake tape to make the rear lights look bigger. We've clearly marked out on the second picture how the rear light cluster could look like

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