Sunday 2 September 2007

Crash test results: 2007 Renault Twingo 1.2 Dynamique

The Fiat 500's rival, the Renault Twingo only scored 4 stars in frontal crash test rating. The front scored 28 points for adult safety, 11 points for pedestrian safety and 16 points for side impact safety but there is only 1 seatbelt reminder.

Front impact:

The passenger compartment remained stable during the impact. Structures in the dashboard presented a potential hazard to the knees and femurs of both of the driver's legs and to the passenger's inboard leg.


With the front seats set to the Euro NCAP test position (mid-position of fore-aft adjustment), the child restraints recommended by Renault could not be fitted in the rear seats. Therefore, it was not possible to establish the child protection rating of the Twingo.

Pedestrian protection:

The bumper offered predominantly fair protection to pedestrians' legs. However, the front edge of the bonnet was rated as poor and scored no points. The bonnet surface was rated as predominantly poor for the protection offered to pedestrians' heads.

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