Saturday 15 September 2007

New Car: 2008 Dacia Logan Hatchback/Renault Sandero (Brazil)

When I first saw the official pictures of the new Dacia Logan Hatchback I was surprised (in a good way). Although its unlikely to come to the UK it looks great compared to the Fiat Palio & Volkswagen Gol (South America). This is Renault/Dacia's answer to the Volkswagen Gol and Fiat Palio.

Although its measuring at 4.2 metres in length it has a small wheelbase 2.59 metres. The interior is very European orientated alongside the exterior. This will slot below the Renault Megane but above the Renault Clio in the European market.
Engines for Europe:

1.0 16v
1.6 8v
1.6 16v flex-fuel engines

Diesel engines are very likely for Europe.

Engines for Brazil:

1.0 12V 60 HP (Flexi Fuel)
1.6 16V 105 HP (Flexi Fuel)
1.5 dCi 70HP/86 HP

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