Thursday 15 September 2011

Toyota slammed over 'Touch & Go' multimedia system

Toyota has been criticised by a safety chief for allowing text messages to be sent while the vehicle is in motion. More specifically, the new “Touch & Go” multimedia system in the Yaris allows driver's to sent bespoke SMS messages through the system's touchscreen. Rivals systems only let driver's reply with preset messages like “Driving now, will reply later” or “Driving now, please call later”.

AA road safety chief Andrew Howard argued that it could be a distraction, saying: “People will feel pressured to reply to texts and not watch the road.” He added that owners “risk falling foul of dangerous driving laws” if not in proper control of the car. Obviously, this is were common-sense should kick in.

Toyota defended the system by explaining: “The user has to be responsible for their actions,” and claiming it was “arguably more dangerous” for drivers to text using a phone on their lap.

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