Tuesday 21 February 2012

Second calling: Ferrari FF catches fire in China

We all get a second calling in life. Whether it's to go back to your dream job, being a parent for the second time, or in Ferrari's case, to see another FF combusted.

This incident occurred in China, where the owner was cruising in the proximity of the Shanghai World Expo Avenue on Saturday. Passers-by informed the driver, who came to a quick stop and called the emergency services, but before the fire fighters could arrive, the vehicle was engulfed by the fire, almost destroying it.

“They called the police, but the fire spread very rapidly, and when firefighters arrived, the vehicle had been surrounded by fire and was almost totally destroyed,” an eyewitness told WZRB.

It is believed that because the FF was primarily driven in an urban environment, something underneath the car overheated, causing the car to combust.

A Ferrari FF previously burst into flames while being test driven in November last year.

Via Auto163.com

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