Sunday 12 February 2012

Spied: 2013 Citroën C4 sedan

Citroën has begun testing the second-generation C4 notchback sedan in the Swedish countryside. The newcomer, likely to keep its C-Quatré/C4 Pallas nameplate, will be longer than the current model and underpin the same platform as the current Citroën C4, which itself is based on the original C4 hatchback that launched back in 2004.

Styling for the C-Quatré will be bespoke, although it will share some bodypanels with the C4 hatchback variant, albeit with alterations such as new character lines. Despite the extensive camouflage, the prototype seems to be boasting a fairly upright rear windscreen and numerous straight surfaces.

The interior will be lifted out of the C4 hatchback, as well as powertrains and transmissions. The luggage area and rear cabin will be large enough to compete with larger D-Segment vehicles.

Unlike the first-generation model, which debuted in 2006 in China and was designed primarily for the Chinese and Argentinian market, the newcomer will be designed more for the European market, where it will be sold in selected markets, such as Italy, Greece, Hungary, Turkey, Slovenia, and Spain.


The current incarnation is longer than Citroën's own C5 sedan, at 4,770mm.

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