Friday, 20 July 2007

Volkswagen Scirocco in Death Valley

Volkswagen is in California to do some hot-weather testing in Death Valley on the new Scirocco pronounced (Sha-rocco). The new sports car is based on the Eos platform and will come onto the European market in 2009. The first generation Scirooco was a flop, especially in the UK as it had a hefty price tag.
The vehicle will be taking hints of the Volkswagen IROC concept (shown above). The rear end is set to be very identical to the IROC's rear. The interior isn't expected to stay the same in the production model. As well as retaining traditional VW quality, should be great. Gone are the concept’s bucket seats but the production Scirocco will retain the twin pods for the speedo and rev counter, the Eos-sourced air vents and the TT-esque ventilation controls. It will also be the first car to feature VW’s version of Audi’s MMI (Multi Media Interface).
Volkswagen will be aiming at the Audi TT. A price tag for the entry model is likely to start at £18,000 going upto £20,000.
Engines will be ranging from a turbo and supercharged 1.4-litre TSI will make an appearance in two states of tune, 138bhp and 168bhp. There’s also a 2.0-litre diesel with 168bhp, while the Golf GTI will donate its turbocharged 197bhp 2.0-litre petrol engine as well.

This same engine will be tweaked to power a hot R20 Scirocco. A V6 and four-wheel drive have been ruled out on the grounds of cost and thirst. Instead, expect a lightened car with 230bhp from the forced-induction four-pot. The lack of four driven wheels will mean the fastest Scirocco will never be as powerful as the Audi S3 - useful for Volkswagen's increasingly busy brand strategy masters.

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