Sunday 28 October 2007

Electric cars in China sell slow

In France, nearly 80 percent of electricity is produced by nuclear stations. There if we tend to use electric cars replacing fossil fuel cars, we get a clear reduction in the emission of CO2.

However, this doesn’t make any sense in China. They make electricity by burning coal which is the biggest contributor to the air pollution.

Toyota is one of the largest companies that started pushing hybrid vehicles in the market and is one of the first to mass commercially produce such vehicles, an example being the main Toyota Prius. But, the news is that the automaker is saying that these electric vehicles would not help reducing CO2 emissions in China.

Toyota has initiated plug-in hybrids in partnership with EDF in France, which is based on Fuel Cell stack technology for which the company believes a lot of issues are to be resolved to make this a mass technology, both in infrastructure and in vehicles.

Tatehito Ueda, a managing officer at Toyota revealed that improved fuel economy by reduced running resistance, or friction, and an improved power train can slash emissions. Software can help make mechanical actions more defined and ease fuel consumption.

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