Tuesday 10 May 2011

GM to move GMC brand upmarket (U.S)

General Motors has said it will move the GMC brand more upmarket to differentiate it from Chevrolet, as the GMC brand sits in between Chevrolet and Buick. GM claims there are very small differences between Chevy and GMC and will be expanding the gap through prices and products.

“We need to make sure that we drive the differentiation in the product and the price to create that separation that we know we can on GMC and Chevrolet,” noted Mark Reuss, executive of GM North America. “I don’t think we have the margin opportunity set up quite right with GMC,” he concluded.

Reuss is convinced GM can move the GMC marque even more upmarket while leaving space for more prestigious Chevrolet's. The Denali sub-brand will contribute to the push, which will extended throughout the line-up. According to GMC, more than 30% of customers purchase the Denali line-up.

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