Tuesday 19 July 2011

2013 Honda CR-V spied in the U.S

The next Honda CR-V is currently in the late stages of development, as spy photographers capture the compact SUV undergoing hot-weather testing in Death Valley, California.

Both test cars feature extensive vinyl camouflage on the fascias and rear-quarter window, which indicate dramatic alterations to the bumpers and light clusters. The rear-quarter windows will also be longer than the current model's and the roofline seems to slope from the B-pillar backwards. The rear overhang has been extended to either provide a larger loadspace or to accommodate an extra pair of seats.

British prices of  the current CR-V starts
from £21,875 ($35,295) and ends at £31,030 ($50,000).
Expect a healthy price hike for the base model when
the 2013 model launches.
Spies have snapped two different prototypes in different colours, with one CR-V prototype towing a trailer to test the vehicle's towing capabilities.

Power will come from a range of petrol and diesel engines, married to both automatic and manual gearboxes, while both front-wheel-drive and part-time four-wheel-drive variants will be offered. Expect a substantial drop in CO2 emissions and high fuel economy and power figures when the model launches sometime this year.

Via WorldCarFans.com

While approach and departure angles look to remain the same
as the outgoing model, the CR-V won't be a hardcore mud-plugger.
It will, however,  just about cope with mild dirt tracks, lightly covered
snow roads, and shallow water.

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