Monday 18 July 2011

Video: Chrysler employees caught smoking and drinking during break, again

No, this isn't a free-loving hippy but a
Chrysler employee
High ho, off to the car we go!

Chrysler's employees have been caught smoking drugs and drinking alcohol beverages close by the marque's Trenton engine factory in Trenton, Michigan. This isn't the first time Chrysler workers have been caught blind drunk and high. September 2010 saw a group of workers smoking and drinking on the job by a FOX news team at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit. Majority of them were fired.

Again, the group were filmed by a FOX news crew who were scouring the area. Chrysler has seen the footage and has promised to identify and expel those workers.

Chrysler issued a statement saying it would not tolerate such misconduct and that "more decisive action may be required to ensure that this behaviour does not continue."

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