Saturday 30 July 2011

Toyota Prius Coupé to arrive in 2014

According to a recent report, Toyota is set to launch a Prius coupé by 2014. In a twist to the story, the Prius coupé will apparently underpin the forthcoming Lexus GS, which for one, seems like an odd candidate as the upcoming FT-86 sports car can support a hybrid powertrain, or Toyota could shorten the regular Prius hatchback.

Whatever the basis, the car is rumoured to have plug-in technology, lithium-ion battery pack, and a manual transmission. Toyota will be rapidly expanding the Prius line-up with a MPV called Prius+, a sub-compact variant for the U.S market called 'Prius C', and a possible SUV.

A coupé variant of the Prius has been rumoured since 2010 when an insider spilled the beans.

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