Monday 20 August 2007

Audi A3 blows its top!

Audi recently started testing on the new A3 Cabrio. Our latest spy photo shows a pre-production car undergoing high-speed testing in Germany on a autobahn.

Back in September 2005 Audi boss Martin Winterkorn confirmed that the Audi A3 Cabriolet was coming, but was also quick to mention that it wouldn't be available untill at least 2008. The new A3 cabrio is set to rival up against the upcoming BMW 1 Series Cabrio.

If we can believe the rumors, the A3 Cabrio will be built in Audi's Brussels, Belgium factory which Audi has just recently taken control over from Volkswagen. The factory is capable of producing some 30.000 A3's annually and is also scheduled to build the new A1 which is expected at the Tokyo Motor Show later this year.

The look of the A3 Cabrio is not very surprising, with the front looking like the current A3 generation but the rear end seems to have been styled after the new A5. We're expecting to see the car in the flesh at Frankfurt.

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