Sunday 5 August 2007

Car Review: 2007 Mercedes GL420 CDI

I ventured into my local Mercedes-Benz dealer and I saw the GL-Class. I got into the SUV and I was surprised at how big it felt behind the wheel. Our car had the full works; V8 4.2 litre diesel engine, Nappa leather seats, electric seats, satellite navigation system, heated seats and more. Behind the wheel the SUV felt like a minibus mainly because the vehicle is measuring just over 5 metres and thats how it accomodates its 3rd row seats aswell.

The seats are indeed very comfortable on the derriere. The engine is very punchy and is responsive. The interior is well laid out and everything is within easy reach of the driver. The rear passengers have lots of knee/leg room themselves along with the 3rd row seated passengers.

Overall the SUV feels solid and is pratical but it doesn't come cheap. Our test car had a price tag of £70,000. It isn't cheap to run it either with poor fuel economy and high emissions.

Pros: Very comfortable leather seats, spacious leg/knee room all round, well laid out cabin, pratical

Cons: Thristy engines, very big, expensive, costly extras, expensive to own and run

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