Monday 14 February 2011

Concept Car: Infiniti Etherea

This concept car is the Infiniti Etherea, and is the firms answer to BMW’s 1 Series and Audi’s A3. The front-wheel drive, coupé hatchback will go into production in 2014 and borrows styling hints off the Essence concept.

The new design language will preview all forthcoming Infiniti models, with the first being the G-Series. The concept car introduces a new form of luxury to young buyers, according to Infiniti.

“ETHEREA is about a new type of luxury for younger buyers,” said Toru Saito, Corporate Vice President and Leader of the Global Infiniti Business Unit. “It is not just a smaller version of a typically conservative and traditional luxury car.”

The Etherea combines several bodystyles into one; saloon, coupé, crossover, and hatchback. The Etherea will highlight superior Japanese materials and finishes in the cabin.

Mechanically, the car will use a 4-cylinder petrol-electric powertrain, with the hybrid system lifted out of the M35h. A range of turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol units from Mercedes are likely to be used in the production model.

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