Monday 7 February 2011

Honda to reduce CR-V imports from Japan (U.S)

Honda has said that the ever-stronger Japanese Yen is forcing the firm to cut CR-V exports to the U.S. However, Honda is looking to spike North American production.

Yoichi Hojo, Honda CFO said: “Our profit structure has improved mainly thanks to robust overseas operations, and the toughest area remains exports from Japan. With a little investment, we would be able to increase production of the CR-V in the United States, so that’s the most probable course of action.”

Honda produces the CR-V compact SUV in many countries but U.S specification models are manufactured at Sayama, Japan, or East Liberty, Ohio. Honda’s recent Greensburg factory in Indiana, is a likely candidate for CR-V expansion – because it’s working at half of its total capacity – as the Easy Liberty plant is working at full capacity.

Last year, Honda built 72,000 CR-Vs in Japan and exported approximately 35,000 to the U.S.

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