Friday 22 April 2011

Citroën DS3 exceeds all sales targets

Citroën has said its new DS3 premium supermini is outselling its initial targets around the world, bringing in new customers to the brand.

Citroën's managing director, Frederic Banzet said the DS3 is accounting for ¼ of C3 sales.

"This is twice as much as what we aimed for. The DS line is a huge success," he said. Ever since its launch over a year ago, Citroën has sold over 80,000 units out of the C3's 300,000 units. Banzet said the DS3 is very successful and claims that 56% of its purchasers were new to the brand.

The DS sub-brand was intended to entice wealthy customers to the brand. Banzet envisioned a French couple where the husband drives an expensive Italian sports-saloon and the wife drives a German sports car.

"They planned to buy a Mini, but they first tried out the DS3 and bought it instead. We would have never had appealed to these customers without the DS brand," he said.

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