Thursday 21 April 2011

'OMFG, WTF is that!?' Oh, it's just an aircraft heading towards us

Photo: AP/Gerald Herbert
A family driving down a quiet residential street in New Orleans were greeted with the sight of a light-weight aircraft heading towards them. Unable to avoid the low-flying craft, the pair clashed.

According to local authorities, a 60 year old man, named locally as......wait for it.... Houston Hunter was flying from a nearby airport to drop his grandson off when the engine in the 'craft began sputtering. Being many miles away from a legalised landing area, Hunter set down on West End Boulevard in New Orleans.

The daughter of the grandmother said: "She thought she would die… she never thought that she would see a plane in her face."

As you would imagine, both vehicles sustained major damage but neither the family nor the pilot endured any serious injuries.

Via Jalopnik

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