Monday 4 April 2011

Drunken millionaire crashes McLaren SLR into another car (CH)

According to MotorAuthority, last week saw Italian socialite, Roberto Parli crash his McLaren SLR supercar in Switzerland.

While the accident is still being analysed, Parli is thought to have side-swiped an oncoming car on a Swiss motorway, causing the vehicle to lose its right front wheel. He allegedly continued to drive, hitting another car and losing its left front wheel.

Parli is a determined man, and apparently attempted to continue his journey but was finally stopped by other motorists in addition to an engine fire. Once departing the vehicle, Parli apparently shouted: "I'm a millionaire, I'll pay for everything I don't care," at the scene.

Millionaire or not, we doubt Parli's car insurance firm will payout any money.

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