Sunday 9 December 2007

Citroen C4 Notchback confirmed for Europe

We previously reported that Citroen might bring the C4 Notchback into Europe. After our spy photographers sighted a black Citroen sedan testing in France, it seemed almost certain and now it is. Ever since mid-2006, the C4 Triomphe has been on sale in China and since mid-2007 the C4 Pallas has been on sale in the South American Mercosur region (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay).

Plans were to sell the C4-Triomphe overseas in Europe to offer an substitute to the ever-popular C4 hatchback, but today word came that this plan has been deferred due to high demand in South America. Over 10,000 units have been sold to date (production started in April) and export is now planned for mid-2008, allowing PSA to increase capacity at their Palomar plant in Argentina.

Vincent Rambaud, head of PSA's South American operations, said: “The Pallas is selling well because it is the first non-European PSA car adapted to meet the needs of car buyers in the Mercosur region. It is an example of how we will increase sales in Mercosur by developing new cars adapted to the local market.”

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