Monday 24 December 2007

Ford Fusion sedan caught cold

Ford's future 2009 Fusion has now progressed from the mule stage into a finished prototype. The Fusion, caught on the streets of Dearborn, is heavily camouflaged on its front and rear ends but changes are still noticeable.

Traces of the thick horizontal bars remain on the new Fusion's grille opening but their spacing and orientation look quite different. A heavily revised front bumper design reveals a more angular, trapezoidal grille, and bold new air intakes are spaced wide — above the front foglamps. Sporty honeycomb mesh fills both of these secondary air inlets, replacing the two chrome bars that sit in the low center intake on the current Fusion. The new look suggests that the influence of Ford's 427 concept will be greatly de-emphasised on the next-generation Fusion.

Changes to the Fusion's rear are less apparent. A new rear bumper design and some taillight tweaks are certain, but the extent of the changes can't be fully discerned on this prototype. The Fusion's dash is covered beneath the prototype's windscreen, suggesting that interior updates are also in the works alongside a hybrid (visit link below).

Ford Fusion Hybrid

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