Sunday 14 August 2011

Back from the dead; Cadillac may resurrect Converj coupé

According to a report, Cadillac may revive the Converj coupé after it was axed in early 2010. Bowing at the 2009 NAIAS, the Converj was authorised for production but was quickly rejected due to concerns regarding on-road performance and sales figures. The Volt-based Converj concept was a porky car, thanks to the luxury equipment fitted, which would put huge stress on the drivetrain.

GM has seemingly overcome those obstacles by launching a new powertrain called “Generation 1.5 Voltec”. While little is known about the new system, expect more power in order for the Converj to complete 40 miles (64km) on electric power.

While the Volt is sold-out, it shows that consumers are willing to pay extra for advance-technology, so Cadillac will be charging a premium for the Converj, which would also assist in offsetting losses relating to the first-generation of Voltec technology. Expect a launch in Winter 2013.

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