Monday 8 August 2011

Ford confirms next-generation RS hatchback

Ford has confirmed the new-shape Focus RS hatchback for early 2014. Gunnar Herrmann, global head of small cars, said that the new incarnation of the RS will develop more than the current 305bhp (301PS/227kW) and will retain its front-wheel-drive layout.

“I think we will stay with our two-wheel-drive strategy…” tells Herrmann. “I think [more power for the next RS] is sustainable. With the limited edition RS500 we went up to 350 horsepower and some of our development units we have them up to 380hp.”

The 2012 Focus ST was unveiled at the 2010 Paris
motor show, where it boasted a 250bhp (247PS/186kW)
2.0 litre EcoBoost petrol engine, that's linked to a 6 speed
manual gearbox. The Focus ST will go on sale in Spring 2012
“And then you really get into engine durability. But it can handle it.”

In order to limited torque steer, Ford will use its ‘Revoknuckle’ suspension – which works simultaneity with a Quaife automatic torque biasing limited-slip differential - in the next model.

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