Saturday 27 August 2011

Chrysler may replace Dakota with smaller pick-up

Despite the last Ram Dakota rolling off the production line this week, Chrysler is already pondering over a smaller light-pick-up to replace the 24 year old Dakota.

The marque may consider a lifestyle pick-up that will fit in under the Ram 1500 that could underpin the same platform as its MPV, which would allow for a front-wheel-drive, unibody chassis.

“As the truck phases out of its planned lifecycle, we’re exploring plans for an affordable replacement that meets the work-hard, play-hard needs of our customers,” Nick Cappa, a Chrysler spokesman, told Inside Line. “Although the Dakota is a great truck, there just isn’t a big enough gap between it and the (full-size) Ram 1500.”

Although a launch date is yet to be set, the newcomer will be produced in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

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