Monday 15 August 2011

Daihatsu developing new shape Copen kei-car roadster

According to a recent report, Daihatsu is developing a new incarnation of the Copen convertible kei-car. Originally, the Copen was powered by a turbocharged 660cc petrol engine to meet the Japanese keijidōsha regulations but the tiny engine failed to meet economy and emissions standards around the world and was given a larger 1.3 litre VVT-i.

The newcomer is expected to be longer and wider to conform with global safety standards and will retain its electric folding hardtop.

The next-generation Copen will keep its front engined,
front wheel-drive layout, alongside its two-seats
Power will come from a new naturally-aspirated petrol engine that is being created by Toyota, which is expected to have a cubic capacity of 900cc and two-cylinders. Using similar technology to Fiat's TwinAir, the Copen should be able to achieve more than 90mpg, while emitting less than 80g/km. This unit will eventually find it's way under other Toyota models, however, no turbocharged or diesel variants are expected.

With Daihatsu announcing that it's pulling out of the European market on 31st January 2013 due to the ever-increasing Yen, will the new Copen be enough for the marque to stay?

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