Thursday 25 August 2011

Israel allows Google Street View under certain restrictions (IL)

The controversial Google Street View will now hit the Middle East. Following the United States, parts of Brazil, Europe, Asia, and Australia, the free service will now allow users to get a clear view of the streets of Israel. The country was very reluctant to allow such as service, following numerous reasons such as illegally capturing WiFi-based data while taking images, violating privacy laws, and raising safety concerns.

The Associated Press is reporting that Israel has agreed to allow Google to record within its borders as long as it complies to a set of rules. The deal took six months to confirm as potential terrorists could use Google Street View to launch attacks on Israel.

The conditions are as follows:

1.) Israeli citizens must be provided “an efficient, reliable way to blur images of license plates, places of residence and other objects,” should they object to their presence on the site.

2.) Any lawsuits brought against Google as a result of Street View must be heard in Israel, even though Google is based in the U.S.

3.) Google must first notify the public of the routes it intends to travel while recording data, as well as clearly mark their vehicles so citizens can identify the Google Street View cars.

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