Tuesday 30 August 2011

Police, camera, action; Floridan police unlawfully ticket more than 10k motorists

A Floridian man has decided to launch a lawsuit against authorities after finding out that since 2005, the Florida Highway Patrol intentionally handed out 10,429 fines to drivers that tried to warn others of speed traps using their high beams.

Around $1,042,900 (£643,319/€709,310) was generated and would have to be refunded if the case is successful. Additionally, Eric Campbell, who filed the suit, is looking for $15,000 (£9,250/€10,500) in compensation for each motorist, which totals $156,435,000 (£96,487,000/€109,542,000) in damages, in addition to the over $1 million in refunded tickets.

Campbell said he was sticking up for fellow citizens, “I don’t like what the government is doing, especially now when most people have a hard time affording gas. Now they have to defend themselves against a made up charge that doesn’t exist.”

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