Saturday 27 August 2011

Police stock up on Ford Crown Victorias (U.S)

Ford announced that it will cease production of the august Crown Victoria sedan, but doesn't mean that there isn't high-demand for the iconic sedan.

“We’re kind of stocking up,” Sgt. Larry Poleski of the Grand Rapids Police Department in Michigan told local media. The department purchased 28 Crown Victorias earlier this year.

Poleski's department is one of many that helped increase fleet-sales of the Crown Vic by 64%. In July, Ford sold 35,203 units, 3,000 units less of the Taurus. Police department's across the land aren't too keen on the front/all-wheel-drive unibody Taurus Police Interceptors. Despite being more fuel efficient and modern than the body-on-frame, rear-wheel-drive Crown Vic, it was criticised for being too small.

“The Taurus isn’t going to work for us. It’s too small,” said North Charleston, South Carolina, police chief John Zumalt. “We’re looking at the Caprice from Chevrolet and the Dodge Charger.”

North Charleston ordered 40 new Crown Victorias earlier this year. According to Ford, the Crown Vic doesn’t fit into its fuel economy scheme. Additionally, certain federal safety standards will be hard to meet with the Crown Victoria, which traces its roots back to 1979.

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