Wednesday 17 August 2011

GM to be motoring equivalent to Apple

GM's Global Marketing Chief predicts that the marque can perform turnaround, similar to Apple's, but not in terms of pumping out huge profits.

“We have an aspirational goal and this is a big target for us,” Ewanick told reporters at the company’s Global Business Conference in Detroit. He said the change will reflect Apple's technological innovation and product-loaded products is a possible goal.

“We understand our direct competitors are Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai – a very strong competitor, one that I know well and is going to be very formidable – and Ford, obviously,” Ewanick said. “But it’s time to clearly differentiate our brand and align closer to a true global brand like an Apple. It’s time for an automotive company to step out and address consumers and their needs in a way that’s never been done before.”

Although fairly small outside of its home market, Cadillac
is still important to GM
He added: “While our competitors are going after global leadership and global domination, they’re all talking about sales in one way or another and market share. [CEO Dan Akerson] doesn’t want us to chase market share, he wants us to chase profitability.”

Apple isn't the largest competitor in the industry it contends in, but it's among the most profitable and unique. Ewanick says GM will become more of a customer brand than a car manufacture.

“We have to find ways to differentiate ourselves so we’re not competing on the commodities, but find other ways to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace,” Ewanick said.

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