Monday 8 August 2011

Human error causes Google's automatic car to crash

It's no secret that Google has been testing fully automatic cars on U.S roads, and while many thought automated cars would cause more accidents, none have been recorded, until now.

Admittedly, this incident was caused by human error. One of Google's computer-controlled Prii (the new word for more than one Prius) was caught up in a collision with contradictory reports from Google stating two cars were concerned, with eye-witnesses saying five cars were damaged.

Google utilises 2007 Prii as automated vehicles
 An informant said Google's automated Prius came to a screeching halt and rear-ended a new Prius, which lunged into a Honda Accord, driven by the witness' brother, which hit another Accord, and then hit another Prius, meaning two Accord's and three Prii were affected.

Google official message claims that only two vehicle were involved and that the automated Prius was being navigated by a human being. If that's the case, Google has covered over 160,000 miles (257,500km) of collision-free driving.

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