Thursday 18 August 2011

Customer's losing interest in Chevrolet Volt (U.S)

Despite the huge interest in the Volt range-extender, according to a research company, consumers are starting to lose interest in the vehicle. Going on sale in late 2010, Chevrolet sold around 3,000 Volts in the first seven months of 2011, but disclosed that some retailers still have Volts sitting on the forecourt, although Chevrolet hasn't begun selling the Volt in all 50 states yet.

CNW Marketing Research believes that consumer interest in the Volt is plunging. In March, CNW discovered that 21% of early adopters were considering a Volt but by July, that figure declined to 14.6%. Overall, CNW found that “all categories of new-car intenders are reporting less likelihood of even considering the vehicle.”

The entry-price of the Volt is the main factor for slow sales and at $40,000, it's nearly $20,000 more than the popular Cruze sedan, which found more than 147,000 homes.

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