Tuesday 30 August 2011

Video: Grim Reaper features in Hyundai Veloster commerical for Holland

Hyundai is rolling out the Veloster coupé across Europe and in order to attract buyers, it needs a snappy, thought-provoking, strong-messaged commercial, at least in the Netherlands anyway. The message was so strong, that Dutch authorities banned the advert.

Initially, the advert features a a young lady exiting a 2012 Ford Focus after a night out, but then she gets mowed down by a passing vehicle. This is where things start to get uneasy. Featuring the Grim Reaper, when he tried to open the rear passenger door on the driver's side of the Veloster (there is no door!), he gets run over instead.

The commercial highlights the differences between Hyundai's four-door coupé and the five-door Focus but decline to accept that the door layout is a safety feature.

Warning: Following content may offend

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