Monday 8 August 2011

Economy regulations may hamper safety (U.S)

According to a recent survey from Ward's Automotive, 75% of engineers believe safety will be compromised in order to meet the forthcoming CAFE standard by 2025.

Carried out on 1,100 engineers, two weeks prior to the new fuel economy regulations, many showed scepticism in relation to the extent of consumer perceptive of how the new rules alter the cars offered for purchase.

Hyundai is well on the way to meet the new regulations
of 54.5mpg (4.3l/100km/65.4mpg UK) by 2025
Unsurprisingly, around 90% say that prices of vehicle will increase substantially, infringing upon choice, reducing safety and lead to much smaller vehicles.

“A C-segment car will be considered huge by 2025,” one engineer remarked in the survey, “Bye bye to the CUV/SUV, light-duty pickup trucks and D-segment or larger cars.”

The White House hopes to have the details of the regulations nailed and signed into law by July 2012.

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