Thursday 3 March 2011

Deadly vehicle repossession attempt kills woman (U.S)

2002 Buick Regal sedan
A woman from Chino Hills, California died during an attempted repossession of her car.

When repo man, Leo Song arrived at a mobile home belonging to Lisa Via to take her undisclosed 2002 Buick, little did he know things were going to get deadly.

When Song tired to tow the vehicle, 42 year old Via pleaded with Song not to take the car. According to Song and the San Bernardino Sheriff's Office, there was no confrontation in this case. We say that because almost every state have acts that forbid repossessions from "breaching the peace," i.e., causing upset or physical violence.

2002 Buick Regal sedan rear
Anywho, Ms Via silently protested by lying down in front of her vehicle after repo man, Song secured the car to the truck. He had no idea what Via had done until her husband informed Song that his wife was wedged under the car.

After jacking up the car to free Via, she was taken to hospital where she was later pronounced dead. While no drugs were involved, authorities are calling the incident an accident.


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